Keynote Speakers

Dr. Patricia (Patsy) Duff

  • Position: Professor of Applied Linguistics
  • Institution: University of British Columbia
  • Bio: Patricia (Patsy) Duff is a Distinguished University Scholar and Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of British Columbia. Additionally, she serves as the Associate Dean of Research in the Faculty of Education. Starting March 2021, she will take on the role of President at the American Association for Applied Linguistics. Her research interests span various areas including language socialization in bilingual and multilingual settings, qualitative research methods, language teaching and learning in transnational contexts, and more. With extensive publications and lectures, she contributes significantly to the field of applied linguistics.

Professor Gillian Wigglesworth

  • Position: Professor of Languages and Linguistics
  • Institution: University of Melbourne

Dr. Rachel McKee

  • Position: Programme Director, NZSL Studies
  • Department: School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies
  • Institution: Victoria University of Wellington